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How To Defeat Your Skepticism Forever!

I don’t know how you’ve come to this page, but I know it has something to do with why you’re reading this article.

You’re probably a Christian who is struggling with MASSIVE doubts.

You might be a teenager who is wondering how to have confidence in your parents' religion.

Or maybe you’re even a pastor who is suddenly having second thoughts.

Whatever the case, you’re probably in a lot of pain right now because you’re wrestling with one or more of the following issues:

  • Questions that parents/pastors seem unwilling or unable to answer.

  • Persistent doubts that seem impossible to defeat.

  • Depression because personally studying Apologetics doesn’t help you.

  • Fear of losing your friends/family members because of your disbelief.

If you can relate to any of these feelings, then let me promise you, you are not alone! Because, these problems are not rare to Christian people.

Instead, they are very, very common...

But here’s what you need to know right now...

Whatever the trial that caused your doubt to begin in the first place, whether it was:

  • an unanswered prayer

  • the untimely death of a loved one

  • a grand personal loss

  • a recent financial setback

Whatever it was, what you need to know is this:

  • That trial was NOT the real cause of your skepticism.

That’s right. It wasn’t!

Instead, the real cause of your skepticism is:

  • The argument of skepticism itself!

In my professional work, I have observed that there are 2 main issues which keep Christians needlessly detained in prolonged seasons of doubt. They are:

1. The so-called problem of skepticism (which is the REAL culprit behind our struggles!), and... 2. Our ignorance of the fact that the argument of skepticism has been defeated.

Did you catch that last word? DEFEATED!

Curious to know more? Keep reading.

Because what I’m going to be sharing with you in this article is one of the most important developments in recent times.

In fact, it is quite literally, one of the most ground-shifting events ever to occur in the history of western thought.

But before I get into it, I want to back up and explain a bit of my personal background.

Because if you’re going to give me the time of day, you should probably know a bit about me first. Let me introduce myself...

My name is Ben Fischer and I’m a Deconversion Coach.

I’m also a Bible school professor, and an experienced Christian Apologist. I have written broadly on a wide diversity of topics related to:

  • science,

  • the life of Jesus,

  • and Biblical studies.

I have guest lectured in both secular and sacred university/college settings. And perhaps, most relevant to the memo that you’re reading, I have studied the problem of skepticism more closely than almost any Christian alive.

Now I realize that that claim can sound a bit pretentious. (In fact, as I re-read it, it sounds a bit like a mic-drop.)

But the plain truth of the matter is, I actually have reasonably good grounds for supposing that statement is true.

Because if the info I possess was generally known, it would literally change the face of public faith-discourse overnight.

In other words, these developments would be talked about by virtually every credible Christian thinker, from Sean McDowell to William Lane Craig.

Now if the sudden reversal of the modern skeptic-faith discussion doesn’t excite you intensely, then you can skip the rest of the article.

I’m sorry for wasting your time.

But if you’re a Christian, personally on the verge of deconverting, then for the sake of your own sanity, you need to keep reading.

Because what I’m going to be sharing with you in this article is the story about how I stumbled upon the keys to defeating skepticism.

It was personally speaking, an earth-shaking event; one which utterly changed my life. So here’s how it happened:

My Story: Years ago, I was like so many Christians I know today.

I was doing everything I could to keep my faith alive and strong.

I was in the middle of a lengthy 20+ year journey with God, and I personally thought that my life was headed in the right direction.

By that time, I had:

  • completed seminary,

  • pastored and,

  • preached full-time for a number of years.

Yet suddenly, out of nowhere, I was beginning to feel confused and skeptical about my own faith. I just kept wondering:

  • “How in the world did this happen to me?”

Up until that time, I had done everything I could to get my life moving in the direction with God. Yet now, I was beginning to doubt my own Christianity, thinking:

  • “How can I be certain of any of my core beliefs?”

So that was when I made one of the most important personal commitments I’ve made since choosing to follow the Lord Jesus.

I decided that I was not going to simply read the Bible anymore. Instead I was going to research and study the problem of skepticism in search of a defeater.

Now initially, the idea just sounded crazy to me. “Defeat skepticism?” I thought. “Is that even possible?”

Skepticism, as a system of thought, has managed to hold its entrancing and hypnotic effect over the human imagination for longer than the Church has even existed.

So how was I supposed to find a defeater for a problem this huge?

And yet to my profound shock and to my profound amazement, just two years into my research, the problems began to yield to the solutions as they came.

Since that time, I’ve developed my own custom method which allows anyone to easily attain the results that I’ve achieved.

Not only so, but I’ve also gradually grown committed to helping other Christians to be equipped with the universal secret to defeating their unbelief.

So after much preparation, I’m happy to introduce my brand-new flagship coaching program:

  • The Defeating Skepticism, Sure-Faith Method.

Inside, you’ll discover a simple approach, developed entirely by secular academics, which you can use to defeat your skepticism permanently. So here’s the breakdown of my program...

Module # 1: Identifying Your Skepticism:

My Sure-Faith system is comprised of 5 assessable modules.

In step one, our overall goal is simple:

  • to set you up for limitless success.

Here, we begin the Sure-Faith program by helping you understand the critical difference between:

  • skepticism, and

  • doubt.

This is something which many of us intuitively assume we understand. In reality, not all doubt has anything to do with authentic skepticism.

Instead, as you will learn, it is only certain kinds of unbelief that pass as true skepticism.

Knowing this will help you to understand why most approaches to Christian Apologetics don’t work.

Instead, most approaches to developing a reasonable faith focus purely on dealing with mere doubt alone.

This all-too-common approach leaves the central-most problem of skepticism entirely unaddressed by most Apologetics systems.

Therefore, before you can overcome your own inner battles, it is critical that you learn how to properly define your problem.

Module # 2: Crafting Your Personal Recovery Plan:

In our second module, our primary goal is shifts:

  • To help you to chart out the journey which lies ahead of you.

Here the objective is to teach you how to spot the difference between:

  • philosophical skepticism, and

  • psychological skepticism.

Knowing the difference between these two forms of unbelief will help you to grasp the critical reasons why:

  • certain private struggles can only be dealt with by reason...

  • while other private struggles can only be dealt with by the cross. Using my exclusive, in-

depth form of analysis, you will learn how to effortlessly craft your own personal recovery plan. You will also learn how to make the most of the rest of my Sure-Faith system.

Moving on...

Module # 3: Identifying The Secret Basis To ALL Your Skepticism:

Module number three will teach you how to take what you’ve learned to the next level.

Here you will learn how to unmask your true enemy in the battle for your soul:

Our main objective in this module will be two-fold:

1. to teach you the historical development of religious skepticism,and

2. to reveal how to identify its universal foundation.

You see, it’s an unknown truth to most Christian people that religious skepticism has only ONE philosophical basis.

Not only so, but once you’ve learned keys to recognizing it, debunking the problem became a live possibility.

Using my Sure-Faith System, you will learn to:

  • identify the skeptical arguments which are personally troubling you...

And as you complete your homework for this module, you will become prepared to take the biggest step in your Sure-Faith journey.

Module # 4: Learning The Secret To Defeating Your Skepticism:

In module number four, our goal is laser-focused:

  • Take. Down. Your. Skepticism.

In this, our fourth installment, you will learn the principles which we will use to resolve ALL your issues permanently.

The primary objective of module four is:

  • to learn the story of how philosophers discovered their novel solution.

The lessons we teach you will utterly change your life as we show you how to wield the silver-bullet of my signature method.

In this action-packed module, you will, as promised, see your skepticism finally, at long last, vanquished.

You will also learn numerous other important lessons along the way, such as:

  • Why defeating skepticism is the savior of modern science, and

  • Why answering skepticism protects logical reasoning.

Module # 5: Discovering The Secret To Being Certain That God Exists:

Finally, once you’ve defeated your personal skepticism, you will come to the last module of my system.

In this lesson, you will encounter an almost two thousand year old argument which has never once, in world-history, been refuted.

It’s an argument which demonstrates that there are only three methods for showing that we can know something with absolute certainty.

In this module, you will learn why Christians can know, with 100% certainty that God exists. My Sure-Faith system combines almost a decade of intense scholarly research into ancient-contemporary philosophy.

It is also the ONLY Apologetics system ever created that guarantees to DEFEAT your skepticism. So here’s what I’m offering you...

Enroll in My Program! Starting today, I am taking on clients who are seeking solid solutions to the problem of their unbelief.

I understand that there are numerous other resources in the Apologetics space to choose from. However, there are no other methods which offer the results I am guaranteeing.

Point blank: It is a flat-fact of the modern faith-world that virtually 99.9% of Apologetics resources on the Christian market are not designed to deal with skepticism.

Instead, they are only designed to overcome DOUBTS.

  • This is the reason why it is possible to watch hours of Apologetics debates, yet walk away from youtube feeling worse than when you sat down.

  • It is the reason why reading evidence for the Christian faith, often increases, rather than decreases, the possibility of your deconverting.

  • It’s the reason why massive numbers of young people are walking away from Church and never coming back.

In short: The problem is not doubt. The problem is methodological skepticism.

Do NOT allow yourself or your loved ones to become yet another statistic in this fight. Instead, start addressing the real culprit lurking in the shadows just over the shoulder of your doubts.

This program is designed for anyone who is:

  • binging on Christian evidence videos yet still struggling with unbelief,

  • feeling overcome by numberless doubts that never seem to recede,

  • fearing that God rejects you because you are no longer sure he exists,

  • ready to leave the church because you believe that faith is impossible.

The one-of-a-kind results of my program are backed by my full, 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find that my system does the trick for you, you can request for a full refund and we’ll get that to you immediately.

This is a program you need to say yes to. So don’t waste another minute. Just fill out a contact card on my contact page and get signed up!

I’ll see you on the inside.

In the Battle, Benjamin J. Fischer Founder of Apologetics University


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