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About Ben

Personal Testimony

Ben Fischer is a 4th Generation preacher and minister of the Gospel. Ben grew up in the home of a Lutheran pastor and possessed a great love for God and a devotion to Jesus as a small child. But at age 17, Ben backslid and fell away from the Lord. He went on to spend 5 years in a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, through the prayers of his parents, Ben came back to the Lord in his early twenties. 


On October 22nd, 2000, Ben had a powerful encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit. Since then, his life has never been the same. Though he never underwent chemical dependency treatment, he has miraculously been sober for almost 25 years. Since that time, Ben has also served the Lord in full-time ministry.

In 2008 Ben completed both his Bachelors from Concordia College Bronxville NY and his Masters from The Master's Institute Seminary in White Bear, Minnesota. Ben holds a BA in music and an MDiv which he completed in preparation for the pastoral ministry.


Since then, Ben has ministered significantly in churches throughout the upper mid-west. He began his pastoral ministry by serving as an associate Pastor at North Heights Lutheran Church in Roseville, MN, between 2006-2011, before being moved on into the work of full-time domestic mission. He now labors as a missionary-evangelist in the Twin Cities area. As an ordained pastor with the Assemblies of God, Ben is involved in the work of preaching and teaching and has also traveled, speaking at various churches, ministering on the beauty of the Christian gospel.

Ben is best known for delivering God's Word with passion and clarity, and has a desire to see a generation raised up to minister Jesus to skeptics. His life’s mission is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to skeptics and to Christians with Fire and Passion for his Return. Ben believes strongly in the role that apologetics will play in the "new evangelization" of America, seeing it as a key solution to revitalizing a nation lost in  disbelief. Ben also lectures as an adjunct faculty member at Teen Challenge Leadership Institute, a 2nd year ministry preparation track for graduates of the chemical program, and is also part of the adjunct faculty of Minnesota School of Ministry, which focuses on theological preparation for pastors within the Assemblies of God.


Ben has been married to his best-friend, Sarah, whom he calls “princess,” for 9 years. They met in 2007, married in 2008 and started their family in 2013. Together, they have two children: a son, named Aaron Asher, (age 5), and daughter named Adeline Grace (age 3). Ben and Sarah live in Minnesota and have a desire to see God’s people walking in his kingdom purposes for family and for ministry. You can contact them by clicking below. 

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