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Does The Bible Teach That The Earth Is Flat?

Hey Ben,

What are your thoughts on the Flat Earth topic being Biblical?



Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for your question. I think that when it comes to flat earth cosmology, we are seeing a curious rise in interest in the view in our time. What is odd is that the largest group that I am aware of who are championing the position has both Christian and skeptic people who are involved in the project. So speculation into this concept is not as one sided as you might imagine. Without getting into the "scientific" reasoning behind the concept, (and since you're question doesn't ask for a scientific, but a biblical answer) I'd say that it appears about as theologically innocuous as some of the teaching we often hear today on the subject of the "nephilim." So it's a fairly harmless position.

That said, it does appear to be a fairly odd one. The concept seems to ignore the literary genre of the Psalms which is primarily poetic, and not literal in nature. And since literary genre plays heavily into biblical interpretation, it presents an open door to adopting wrong conclusions concerning other areas of theology as well. For those who would argue that ancient cultures did not view flat earth cosmology as part of the broader poetic schema of the book of Psalms, I would warn that the argument here takes a one-eyed blink at the evidence. Early Christian typography had proponents on both sides of the discussion. So it's a mixed bag—at best.

At the end of the day, what it seems to come down to is this: I cannot avoid suffering for Jesus for believing in the resurrection of the dead. But, if I teach flat earth cosmology, and get ridiculed for it (as I most certainly would), is that the same thing as suffering for Jesus?

Another way to ask the same question is this: How is this, in any way, part or partial to the "good news"? It doesn't seem to be a related issue to me. So I think we have to admit that the idea, however totalizing, is merely tertiary at best, and that therefore, our zeal for the issue is misplaced. While I realize that I haven't criticized the science here, I guess I'm assuming I don't have to. So I hope that's a respectful and helpful response. Thanks again for your question! Remain blessed.

In Him,

Ben Fischer <><

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