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Faith. Passion. Evangelism. Apologetics. These are the cornerstones of Ben Fischer Ministries. Founded in 2013, the goal of Ben Fischer Ministries is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to skeptics, agnostics, atheists and Christians in a captivating way. Using apologetics, Ben now travels and speaks in churches, schools and colleges sharing the message of Jesus.

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Our Story

In 2013, God called Ben and Sarah Fischer to establish a ministry with the primary purpose to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ unto his return. Through preaching, teaching, discipleship, and evangelism, Ben Fischer Ministries seeks to equip the Body of Christ to live out the call of the gospel. The heart of this ministry is to reach skeptics with the good news of Jesus. We cordially invite you to view the short videos below to get a taste of what we’re doing to expand the kingdom of God!

Where Is Jesus In America Today?

Do We Really Live In A Post-Modern Era?

Do Aliens Explain the Origin of Life?

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About Ben's Work

Throughout his ministry, Ben Fischer has faced the challenges of skeptics to give answers for Jesus. We hope you'll take some time to view his video library to get a feel for how this ministry is making an impact.

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Our Pledge

Our team would be delighted to serve you by bringing Ben to your church, college or conference event to deliver a compelling, insightful and energetic presentation on the defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each talk Ben delivers shows how Christianity measures up to the many challenges brought on in today's world by science, philosophy and historiography. So please don't hesitate to reach out. We know you will be blessed.

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