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Class: New Testament

Instructor: Mr. Benjamin J. Fischer (MDiv)


Phone: 651.214.4352


Description: No body of literary work has had as dramatic and formative an impact upon culture and history than the New Testament. Yet this amazing volume of books is often misunderstood with scarcely a modicum of interest given amongst some of its readers towards correcting the problem. The present course seeks to take a sweeping journey through the New Testament with a goal of “reappreciating” the text. In the process, the history, structure, and overall content of the New Testament is reviewed. Relevant transitions in period culture, history, and most importantly, theology, are discussed. Practical and personal applications are presented. Care is taken to help the student to recognize gaps between the teaching of the New Testament and various historic Christian movements which have gathered in honor of its message. Gospel theology is discussed. The course then concludes with an engaging, but brief, overview of the book of Revelation. Students are encouraged to “soak up” what they can as they develop a fuller understanding of the spiritual richness of the New Testament.


Basic course materials: Bible, notebook, ability to communicate via email; copy of the text: “A Popular Survey of the New Testament” (Norman L. Geisler).


Course Assignments: Final grades for class are assessed on the basis of the following criterion:


(1) Regular class attendance

(2) Classroom participation

(3) Completing the assigned text, “A Popular Survey of the New Testament.”

(4) Completing all multiple choice quizzes sent to the student via email

(5) Completing multiple choice final exam sent to the student via email.


Grades are disseminated one week after class is completed. Note: If extenuating circumstances should prevent the student from completing course quizzes or the text on time, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the instructor via email or phone (see info above). “Incompletes” are given to students who do not submit all final work on time. Grades “A” through “D” are given only to those students who submit completed assignments.


Comments: “I look forward to sharing this time with you as we explore the breadth, meaning, and impact of the New Testament!” -B.

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