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Session 1: Skepticism or Faith: Which Is Reasonable? [Part 1]

The greatest challenge to human knowledge of all time is skepticism. No other philosophical position is more faith robbing. But need that be? In this first session, we explore the argument of skepticism to discover that faith is truly reasonable.

Session 2: Skepticism or Faith: Which Is Reasonable? [Part 2]

Can we prove the existence of God? Can we demonstrate that God exists with absolute certainty? In this second session of Christian Apologetics, we show that the existence of God can be established with objective certainty.

Session 3: Atheism, Theism: Which Is Reasonable? [Part 1]

Many believers feel that modern science proves that God must not exist. But is that assumption truly valid? In this session, we explore some of the relevant data to that question.

Session 5: Atheism, Theism, and the Challenge of Evolution [Part 1]

Have you ever wondered if evolution disproves God? Many have supposed that the fossils support that evolution is true. But do they? In this session, we prove that these arguments are unfounded. 

Session 6: Atheism, Theism, and the Challenge of Evolution [Part 2]

Science has argued that the universe is billions of years old. Many suppose that this great age allows ample time for evolution to work its magic. But is this a defensible argument? View this lecture to find out. 

Session 7: Is Historical Certainty Possible? 

Skeptics have sometimes attempted to avert the implications of the strong historical case for the Bible by insisting that history, unlike science, cannot be directly observed. But is this argument justifiable? Find out here.

Session 9: The Gospels: Legend Or History?

Have you ever wondered if the stories about Jesus are nothing but a series of wild legends like Robin Hood or Johnny Appleseed? In this session we debunk the legend-making hypothesis.

Session 10: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Many Christians have supposed that the resurrection of Jesus cannot be proven, but must be accepted purely by faith. But is this assumption correct? This lecture uses history to soundly argue for the resurrection. 

Session 11: Has the Bible Been Miscopied?

Have you ever wondered if the Bible has been miscopied? Skeptics have often argued that the scriptures have undergone countless revisions throughout the centuries. But what does the evidence show? Find out here.

Session 12: Does the Bible Predict The Future?

Have you ever wondered if believers can prove that the Bible has accurately predicted the future? In this session, our class explores Bible prophecy in order to show that God has revealed his existence through his predictive word.

Session 13: Is the Bible An Immoral Book?

Did God Command Genocide? Is God a terrorist? What is the difference between ISIS and the book of Joshua? In this lecture, entitled, "Is the Bible An Immoral Book," we reveal the startling truth behind these questions bringing fresh answers to these questions.




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