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July 3, 2019

Summary: Experiment and observation has seemed to demonstrate that the God of scripture does not exist. Numerous problems, such as the constant speed of light,

November 19, 2018

Ben. Thanks for your response to my question. However, it would probably be worthwhile for me to explain my philosophy of science when it comes to topics like

November 2, 2018

Ben, Interesting article (God? Or the Big Bang?). I think, however, that your confusion comes from trying to interpret the singularity as a physical thing. What

October 30, 2018

Many scientists have argued that cosmology has rendered theism obsolete. But does the Big Bang truly hold up under scrutiny? A careful examination prov

August 1, 2018

Hello Ben, The Bible says that God created only two people, Adam and Eve, and told them to have lots of children—“Fill the earth!” Scripture mentions only thre

April 20, 2017

Discoveries in astrophysics have challenged old assumptions about the nature of time, God and the universe. The landscape of related issues is changing. But will atheism survive? This article deals with the relevant data to that question.

February 5, 2017

Many skeptics have attempted to avert the implications of the strong historical case for the Bible by insisting that history, as a discipline, cannot be experimentally verified. But is science any better? Find out here.

August 3, 2015

We are living in a world which is in spiritual war. The battle around us seems to grow fiercer every day. As I sit down at my computer to w

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