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April 29, 2019

The existence of Jesus has lately become a hotly debate issue throughout the atheist net. Increasingly, skeptics are arguing that the Catholic Church simply

October 8, 2018

Hello Ben, I am an atheist and I have a few questions I collected from an atheist program called the PineCreek Podcast with Doug Letkeman. I would like to ask

October 8, 2018

Ben, Thanks for answering my previous post. However, your answers don't seem realistic to me. Your argument is that a later Christian wouldn't invent Joseph of

October 8, 2018

Hello Ben, I recently watched your video, "Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?", and I don't think the empty tomb is historical. Moreover, I think there's a good cum

August 28, 2018

Until roughly the nineteenth century, the argument for the resurrection stood on the firm ground of biblical history. But following the advance of bib

July 29, 2018

Ben. Thanks for your interesting article: "Why I Am Not A Skeptic." You've certainly managed to "grab" the attention of your Christian readers

March 20, 2017

Until just decades ago, the majority of New Testament scholars held that the life of Jesus was historically inscrutable. But a recent sea change has revolutionized the way today's scholars are treating the biblical gospels. What does it all mean? Find out here.

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